(taken from the catalogue by F.G. Chuchin) THE RURAL (ZEMSTVO) POST According to the establishment of the Zemstvo in the middle of the sixties the local administration and the local economical activity has become centered in the districts. The District Zemstvo-Offices at the head of the Zemstvo organization experienced the urgent need of postal communication […]

The establishment of the zemstvo posts in Russia

Due to low budgeting, funds assigned to the postal department, in this century, were inadequate for the postal requirements of the empire’s populace. Remote districts were especially hard hit. Some were completely out off. Others were inconvenienced by inaccessibility of postal establishments, as Article 348 of the Postal Statute stipulated the personal appearance of the […]

Legal Status of Zemstvo Stamps and why they disappeared from the Catalogues

The Zemstvo Postal Services and their postage stamps which existed from the sixties of the past century and ended with the advent of the October 1918 revolution, are well known. Their Origin, phases, Operating systems, difficulties that existed with the Imperial Government which controlled and directed the Zemstvo postal service are covered extensively in various […]